Buckingham - John Schroeder

Published by Troubador
ISBN: 9781784624118


Cat lovers everywhere will fall in love with this endearing tale about the way our feline friends enhance our everyday lives.

The book focuses on the adventures of a handsome puss – the eponymous Buckingham – his kitty family and friends, and the humans whose lives they touch along the way.

Beautifully illustrated with black and white line drawings from Kiran Ahmed, it's a witty and compelling novel that also holds some deeper messages about the way cats have a therapeutic value, bringing real joy and contentment to those around them.

At heart, though, this novel is a fun and playful as the cast of lovable cat characters within the pages.

The tale of Buckingham and his friends – both human and feline – is funny and highly readable as well as touching and celebratory of the humble moggy. To paraphrase a famous advert, ten out ten cat lovers will prefer it.

Amazon reviews

"Beautifully illustrated and well written, this 'cat book' should appeal to all animal-lovers"
"This is a witty, humorous yet deeply moving (semi-autobiographical) account of the therapeutic power of the Cat, based on the scenario of a (posh )home for the disabled/compromised, and how the various cat employees help and enhance the daily lives of the residents. There is even a Cat wedding!! Unusual, fabulous, hilarious and moving by turns"